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My name is Jessica Bustos I am a 23 year old from Orange County, Ca and am currently attending Cal State Long Beach for a bachelor's degree in journalism. I attended Orange Coast College from Fall 2015 until Spring 2020 and completed my Associate's Degree for Transfer. This blog consists of articles I have published as well as articles I have collaborated on with my peers at the Coast Report for OCC. Stay tuned for my independent work!

I am Mexican-American however my ethnicity consists of Native American, West African and European. I continue to learn more about my roots as well as a variety of cultures. One thing I love about journalism is that I learn from every article and every interview. It is amazing how many perspectives their are other than your own, and I think that is very important to bring to light. Some things I love to do other than writing include, binge watching murder mysteries, a good glass of chardonnay, learning new recipes, reading books on religion, and my dog KoKo.